Social media strategy – development and implementation

We start by defining the business objectives, we continue with a strategic audit for all the social media activities developed by the client so far, we develop an analysis of the major competitors, we come up with the right creative ideas (so as to meet the objectives), we choose the proper social media channels, we propose an editorial plan and a certain timing and we set the results according to your needs. Then, we develop a strategy for crisis situations and we design solutions fit to monitor the brand in the online environment. Also, in the strategy we create, we include monthly reports and KPIs.


We connect people, we create the opportunity for them to interact and we build communities on Facebook, Twitter, G+, LinkedIn, blogs or forums, as the appropriate setting for them to communicate.
We manage to do so by setting-up and managing the Facebook fan page, by choosing a person to manage your blog or Facebook page, or by offering consultancy services for you to receive more feedback from your Twitter followers. If you want to find out more about our services, let us know and it will be our pleasure to meet and talk in detail.

Facebook Applications

If one says the word “apps”, most people think about the various games which appear on Facebook every day. On a ground basis, they are web applications, with less technical possibilities, that are integrated in the social network. Their level of interactivity depends on their objective: they can be a simple page with a message for a given audience or they can be mechanisms for one to furnish or design a dream-house.
These apps have the purpose to gather Likes and create buzz, but they are also a very efficient tool for developing an email data base to further use for promotion/marketing reasons.

Social media trainings

Training an employee for social media activities can be the right option for a company. And this is another area where we can help. Whether it is about teaching a person to manage the Facebook account or the company blog, about a specially designed program for your PR and marketing departments, or it is just a training so as to develop social media know-how in the company and help people understand which are the web 2.0 tools to use for business reasons, we have the experience and the people to make it possible.

Online monitoring (and analysis)

Monitoring what is said about your brand, products or services is vital for the success of your social media strategy. In order to do this properly, you constantly need to know what the best tools to use are and to allocate time for testing them. We can do this for you, so you will always be aware of the things that are said about your brand, of who says them and of when that happens. At the end of the month, we will send you an easy and comprehensible report for you to see how well your social media campaign performed.

Social media consultancy

If you are wondering about how your social media presence is and how it should be, give us a sign. We can meet for coffee and in 2-3 hours time we will help you validate your ideas, clarify your objectives and how each can or cannot be reached through a certain social media channel. A few hours of social media consultancy can be the best investment for your business this year. This can give you the right incentive so as to design a plan to raise awareness, it can help you save money and, what is most important, it can help you avoid useless PR crises due to misuse of the online environment.

Blog campaigns

We personally know a few hundred bloggers and we already worked with them in tens of campaigns. We know how to speak to them, we are aware of what they like and don’t like and, in most of the cases,we even know what they eat for lunch. There are a lot of reasons for you to invest in a blog campaign, varying from raising awareness or communicating about products or services, to generating leads and sales. If you want to know how profitable a blog campaign for your company can be, give us a call.